GT85® Spray Maintenance & GT85 BIKE™ Series

About Us

GT85® Brand

It was the foresight of founder John Chapman, who realised back in the mid 80s that there was a need for a high quality, penetrating spray and an effective, long-term lubricant. This product not only needed to meet the high demands of his own transport company, but those of his team mates within British Motor Racing, one of his great passions.

With the assistance of an ex RAF chemist, Chapman set about developing GT85®. After the trial and error of many different compositions Chapman arrived at a formula, that included PTFE, which satisfied the need for a highly effective penetrating and freeing agent.

The added PTFE was designed to reduce friction, wear and energy consumption on components, improving operating efficiency on application. The final piece of the development process was the inclusion of real lavender oil which gave GT85® the pleasant fragrance that has since become distinguishable amongst users.

The solution was deemed a resounding success and is the same quality formula that you find in your GT85® can today.

From the harsh transport and engineering environment to the demands of motor racing and sporting competition, GT85® has grown to become a trusted brand both at home and at work. It has proved ideal for sports, mechanical, DIY and industrial users, whilst carving out a specialist position in cycling as the product of choice amongst professionals.

The GT85® brand continues to grow, but has not outgrown its philosophy of striving towards delivering high performance products that cover the wide ranging needs of our users.

To that end, we are delighted to have identified an opportunity for a new range of specialist products for the Bike. The GT85 BIKE™ range has been developed by a team of top Research, Development and Technical experts, working in conjunction with cycling professionals and includes; Degreaser, Disc Brake Cleaner, Bike Wash, Wet and Dry Lube and a Silicone Shine. All products have been developed to compete against the toughest conditions, enabling the bike enthusiast to perform consistently to the highest level.