Do you love learning a good trade secret? Such as how to drive out moisture from electrical systems? You’re not alone. Everyone likes the little titbits, tips and tricks that help you get an inside edge. So we’re about to let you in on a few great trade secrets. Almost every tradesperson knows the importance of using a good multi-purpose spray. But maybe you didn’t realise how widely used it is across all trades. GT85 does more than just clean, lubricate and protect. It drives out moisture from electrical systems too.

But we’ll get into all that. Here are some of the ways that every tradesperson can take advantage of GT85, no matter which trade they work in.


Mechanics & Machinists

This might be the most obvious, but mechanics and machinists swear by a good multi-purpose spray like GT85. It lubricates parts and cleans off rust to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. If you work with motor vehicle repair, you can even use GT85 to spray electrical connectors. It will keep water out, and make it easier to take apart in future. GT85 can even be used to cool off drill bits if needed!

Electricians – drive out moisture!

The need to drive out moisture is paramount for electrical components. Once you’ve turned off the electrical supply (safety first!) you can go ahead and reach for your multi-purpose spray. Its cleaning and coating power will help prevent electrical malfunctions caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation or corrosion.



Where you have water, you’re going to see rust, so a good multi-purpose spray is an essential part of your tool kit. A can of GT85 will help you loosen rusted nuts/bolts and lubricate seized fixtures. When taking apart valves, for example, coating each part will prevent rust and breakage in the future.


Carpenters – drive out moisture

A PTFE multi-purpose spray is a godsend in the workshop due to its non-sticky formula, and ability to drive out moisture. That’s particularly important if you work with greenwood! Make sure to spray the teeth and blades of your bandsaws—this will save you from frequent replacements! You can also use GT85 on hinged tools in your workshop, like the rise mechanism of your table saw, for example. It’ll prevent seizing and rusting there, and on easy-to-forget areas such as the lathe bed.


Landscapers & Arborists

Similarly to carpenters, landscapers and arborists have a lot of uses for a multi-purpose spray like GT85! It can help combat the resin build up in your tools if you remember to spray after each use. And, while of course GT85 drives out moisture from the joints of your shears and manual trimmers, it’s also must-have for your power tools. It can clean the cutting edge of powered garden tools, and also drive out dust, grass and other debris from the inner mechanical parts.


What Does a Truly Multi-Purpose Spray Mean?

GT85 has a lot of uses for everyday life during both leisure and work. When it comes to the trades, you need to know you can trust your tools, and GT85 makes that possible. Cleaning, lubricating and protecting—this handy PTFE multi-purpose spray is a no-brainer addition to your tools of the trade.

But we haven’t been able to list every use here. Thought of one we’ve missed? Head to our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page and join the conversation with other tradespeople and GT85 aficionados!

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