GT85 the mechanic’s best kept secret

How to use GT85 spray on your vehicles

GT85 is a perfect car engine cleaner and maintenance spray, great for motorcycles, and all your vehicles. GT85 is a penetrant spray which will lube, clean and also protect thanks to its PTFE formula, which forms a long-lasting layer on surfaces.

How to use GT85 spray:

  • Spray it on to any surface that needs cleaning
  • Remove rust, grime, and any other muck
  • Use it as a water displacer on electrical systems (sparks, connection points)
  • Prevent metal from rusting and corrosion
  • Maintenance of parts
  • Clean scuffs and bring the shine back
  • Clean all the plastic work

Use GT85 as part of your regular cleaning and maintenance routine, to protect surfaces from water, rust and dirt.

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