GT85 – get your car summer road trip ready with GT85 lubricant spray

Did you know that four out of five Brits are opting for a staycation this year? This can only mean one thing… the UK is planning a lot of summer road trips. You’ve already faced the mayhem of planning and packing for your trip, so the last thing you want is any car trouble eating into your precious holiday time. So, as we gear up for a summer in Blighty,  dig out your can of GT85 lubricant spray – and get your car road trip ready.

Before you hit the road: 5 top tips

Check your fluids: engine oil, brake fluid, screen wash. You don’t want to be caught short so take some time to get all of them topped up.

Give your tyres the once over: Are they in good condition? Are they pumped to the correct pressure for the extra luggage and passenger weight? Is the tread above 3mm? If not, get them changed. Less than 1.6mm and you’re below the legal requirement. Now give your spare the exact same treatment… you never know when you might need it!

Battery and brakes: you don’t need us to tell you that if your brakes feel soft or sound like they’re grinding, the pads probably need replacing. When it comes to your battery living it’s best life, you want the connection tight and corrosion free.

Check your lights: you’ll need a mate for this one… Sit in the driver’s seat with a buddy outside and check all the lights work.

Prepare for the unexpected: throw in some jump leads, a first aid kit, a high-vis vest, a blanket, bottled water and maybe even some emergency snacks. You’ll be thanking your lucky stars if you need them.

Now level up with GT85 multi-purpose spray

With your basic checks done, it’s time to take it the next level with the help of GT85 multi-purpose lubricant spray. Remember, GT85 is great for all vehicles, whatever the spec or model.

  • Stay cool: Always use GT85 when your car is cold. Spray on a cool motor and you’ll not only be preventing rust, but ensuring protection from the elements too. Use the red straw for better precision!
  • Get in there: did you know you can use GT85 for lubing and cleaning inside your car too? The spray acts as a freeing agent, easing up parts and reducing friction. Stubborn seat runners and door hinges? Let GT85 get to work.
  • The big finish: GT85 is safe to use on all plastic, metal and factory painted surfaces, so if you’ve got time before you leave, spray GT85 onto a cloth and use it to buff up your exterior for a pre-holiday shine that smells great
  • Take it with you: if you hit rain or standing water on your road trip and the car cuts out, a quick spray of GT85 on your battery will re-establish electrical contact
  • One for (after) the road: once home, give your car another once over with GT85. Just because…

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