Your bicycle is a simple, yet complicated thing.

Treat it well and everything’s simple. Expose it to mud, dirt and grime and then expect it to function just as perfectly? Well, that’s when the complications start.

What’s needed is a regular maintenance schedule and a bike cleaner. Regular being weekly or monthly, depending on how frequently or how extreme you like to ride.

And what’s also needed is a can of GT85. But we’ll come to that shortly…


The four stages of cleaning with a bike cleaner

To clean your bike properly there are four main stages to follow


Stage 1: Washing your frame

Using a high-pressure hose can cause problems, especially to sensitive bearings, so instead use a bucket of warm soapy water and gently brush off any dirt or grime on your frame.

Scrub the chainstays, chain rings, cranks and cogs, but try to keep the soap away from your brakes (more of that later too). Rinse off and dry with clean rags.


Stage 2: Cleaning and lubricating your chain

Cleaning and lubricating your chain helps prevent it wear. Use a clean rag, and degreaser if it’s really messy, and give your chain a good rub down.

Now spray GT85 (we told you it was coming) onto each link of the chain. It not only ensures a smoother ride, but also helps prevent rusting.


Stage 3: Lubricating your brake and derailleur levers

After washing and drying, spray GT85 on to the lever pivots and the barrel adjusters to keep them moving and functioning well.

Avoid getting GT85 on your brakes, especially the disk brake. Because when you need to stop sharply, the last thing you need is a world-class lubricant.


Stage 4: Lubricating your brake and derailleur cables/assemblies

Finally, remember to re-lubricate your brake and derailleur cables – they need to work when you need them to.

Plus your assemblies, which have many small moving parts. Apply GT85 lubricant to the pivot points on all arms, wheels and pulleys.


More on GT85 bike cleaner

GT85 lubricating spray protects your moving parts from friction, prevents ‘locking up’ and helps fight rust and corrosion. But where to find this magical bike cleaner spray?

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