We all know that a healthy bike is a well-maintained bike. But that doesn’t mean you should just dive in with your Marigolds, all gung-ho. Take it from the experts (that’s us, by the way), that there are certain things you really shouldn’t do when looking after your bike.

So what exactly are they? Have a gander at this…

1. Riding a dirty bike

Every time you take your bike out for a spin, it collects dirt. Without a regular cleaning routine, before you know it, your bearings and shifters will have seized up like a grandpa first thing in the morning.

So take action – not just by cleaning your bike frame but all the moving parts too. First, give your chain and cog-set a good scrub using a degreaser. For the rest of your bike, use hot, soapy water.

Then, once dry, introduce the secret ingredient – GT85 bike cleaning spray. Our fast-acting cleaner is great for eliminating dirt, dust and mud on nearly every area of your bike (except the brakes – we’ll come to that). It also helps prevent rust, wear, and corrosion and gets to all the tight places. Big up to the red straw!

2. Irregular maintenance

It also pays to keep your cleaning routine regular. If not, and you break down – due to anything from a snapped chain, punctured tyre or broken shift cable – you could end up stranded by the roadside.

So it’s a good idea to check your tyres and brakes before each ride, and at least once a year take it give it a thorough service, or take it to your local bike shop so they can do the hard work! That way your bike can keep on going, and make every ride that little bit easier.

3. Not lubing your chain

We’ve touched upon it, but not lubing your chain is a big no-no. To avoid the creaking, cranking, soon-to-need-replacing scenario, head once again to your trusty can of GT85.

GT85 is made to give long-lasting lubrication from that a quick blast. It’s all down to the strong PTFE formula, which doesn’t just free-up frictionless parts, it also coats the surface to form a protective layer. Nice.

4. Too much lube

After all we’ve just said, you can have too much of a good thing. Lashings of lube on your chain isn’t good for it. It’s all about moderation, you see.

Making sure your chain is clean before you start, we’d suggest applying a thin layer of GT85 lubricant on the top of the chain, not the sides, and for just one full rotation of the chain. Too much lube and you’ll end up dripping everywhere, including all over your drivetrain. There’s no need for such stickiness! And you’ll also spray lube everywhere when you start pedalling.

Also, brakes shouldn’t be lubed – this is one of the most common mistakes to people make, especially if you hear them squealing. If you do hear them squeal and you’re using rim brakes, then it could be the brake pads aren’t set up correctly. Or if your pads are old and worn, it’s time for some new ones. Quiet ones. Just definitely don’t involve lube. Because sometimes it’s good to keep the friction strong. After all, when we hit the brakes, we want to stop!

5. Not using the right tools

Even the most novice of cyclists should have a good set of Allen or hex keys. These will help you fix most problems on a bike. But as soon as they start to go – for instance getting more rounded off – then it’s time to replace them.

Of course, the other tool every cyclist should have in their shed is GT85 multi-purpose spray. More than just a bike cleaning spray, it’s your go-to for general care and protection. Just what you need for the journeys ahead.

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