Tell us your best kept secret to win a £100 Amazon voucher, a GT85 cycling water bottle and one GT85 can

What secret are we looking for? Your GT85 best kept secret. Whether you are a DIYer, a cyclist, a mechanic or a tradesman, we’re sure you have your own little secret on how to use GT85 to its fullest.

Here is the complete T&Cs for the competition: GT85 Best Kept Secret T&Cs; and below there is a quick summary of what you have to do to enter:


How to enter:

  1. Follow GT85 on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  2. Leave a comment in which you tell us which is your GT85 best kept secret. Make sure you tag a friend as well!
  3. If you have more than 1 secret to share, multiple entries are allowed.

It’s that simple.


The competition closes at midnight on the 30th September. Make sure you get your entries in by then.

Meanwhile, here are some ways on how to use GT85: Know GT85, know so many uses

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