Tools cost money. The last thing you want is your best, most reliable kit packing up because you didn’t show it some basic care and attention. If you work in the trades, you’ll know first-hand the importance of a good cleaning routine. And this practice should be applied to every garage, garden shed and toolbox – especially now winter’s knocking.

Why? Because the vast majority of domestic tools will be laying idle now until Spring. It’s prime time for damp and rust to start creeping in and wreaking havoc.

So, before you store your tools away, grab your GT85 multi-purpose spray. It’s a powerful rust remover and the ideal product for a pre-Spring clean. (You’ll thank us later).


Gather up your tools and lay them all out. Inspect each one closely for dirt and damage and make a note of any that need repairing.

Wipe each item all over with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and debris. Then get to work with the GT85.


GT85 is the tool cleaner and rust remover everyone needs.

The unique formula tackles oil, dirt and grease as well as any rust that’s already starting to build up. Just spray and rub it away.

Once you’ve done the outer shell, use the red straw to get right into every crevice. It’ll blast out moisture and hidden grub, while helping keep pivots lubricated and chucks spinning smoothly.


Your tools are looking clean and healthy – but stick with us. The final application is the real winner when it comes to rust prevention.

Once the tool has had a good going over, treat it to a final spray of GT85. A good spritz will not only leave it looking and smelling great, but doubles as a protective layer.

The unique PTFE formula will keep moisture and rust at bay while your tools are stored away during the colder months.

Store your tools off the ground and spray with GT85 once a month if you can. And hopefully, the only surprise next time you use them will be how clean you left them.

GT85. Lubes, cleans, protects.


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