You probably know GT85 as a spray for cyclists. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But it’s also an excellent maintenance spray for your motor.

We’re not one to pigeon-hole. And when a lubricating spray is this good, it just wouldn’t be fair for cyclists to keep it all for themselves.

So this is a shout-out to all those who like the roar of an engine.

There are so many ways you can use GT85 as a spray for your motor – whether that’s a car or a motorbike.

So buckle up, or hold on. And let’s tell you how, as we get this blog on the road…


Maintenance spray for your motor

GT85 is a fantastic multi-purpose maintenance spray to have around for when you want to go under the bonnet.

Not necessarily lifting it, although it is great for squeaking or stubborn hinges. No, in this instance we’re actually talking about the electronics of your vehicle. The engine.

If it’s been raining a lot (and in Britain that’s often the case), or you’ve been through lots of standing water, there’s a good chance your electronics might start acting up.

But because GT85 dissipates water, a quick spray on the component in question, and you’ll find it regularly does the trick.

It’s not magic. GT85’s non-greasy PTFE formula is the secret. But don’t take our word for it – coming up in a minute, everything you need from one of our industry experts, Vehicle Tech Tim.


The versatile spray for vehicles

GT85 is a true multi-purpose spray in every sense of the word.

It’s multi-functional – penetrating, lubricating and cleaning like no other maintenance spray on the market. But it also becomes worthy of a place in any garage or shed, thanks to the way it works on a variety of vehicle applications.

Seized or stubborn locks become much freer with the loosening effects of GT85. Even ignitions on older cars can become more manageable as this premium lube displaces moisture and dirt.

GT85 also acts as a freeing agent on electrical systems. We even heard of it bringing an old tape deck back to life, although we wouldn’t recommend it. (If you’re still using tapes, wait till you get a load of streaming and MP3s.)

This vehicle spray can also temporarily give your paint work a helping hand. Simply spray and wipe and you’ll see yourself looking back – it produces such a shine. It is also safe for use on for all metal and factory painted surfaces


Listen to our industry expert

If you want to know more about using the maintenance spray on your motor, then look no further than Vehicle Tech Tim.

Our professional mechanic knows vehicles inside out, and he’s used GT85 to get there. Get your notepad out because here’s some tips from Tim himself:

  1. Spray GT85 on to rusted/corroded nuts and bolts before attempting to remove them – especially if the wheels are stuck and won’t come off. Or on door lock if they are a bit clogged.
  2. GT85 is perfect for cleaning and dressing engine bays after the vehicle has been worked on, it makes plastics look new and helps protect other items in the engine bay.
  3. Rust prevention on tools. “I always clean my tools before I put them away in my toolbox. A light spray with GT85 and a wipe down with a cloth and they’re clean and protected until the next time I need to use them. No point in spending thousands of pounds on tools for them to rust and break”.

Follow him on Twitter for more: @vehicletech_tim


More on GT85 maintenance spray

GT85 is the multi-purpose maintenance spray, for engines, for cars and for motorbikes. If you’re in need of GT85, you can get it on our Amazon Shop.

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