The colder season is upon us. It’s a time for bunking down and turning the heating up. For most of us, the DIY tools are to be put away until early spring.

So, with your tools out of action for so long, what’s the best way to clean and protect them, so they’re in their best working condition when you finally do get them out?

The answer, of course, lies with the versatile spray that is commonly known as GT85 multi-purpose lubricant spray.

Here’s how you can use it to your advantage on both power tools and manual ones.


GT85 cleans power tools

GT85 is the multi-purpose spray that lubes, cleans and protects.

As well as keeping tools protected from rust and damp (more of that later), GT85 is also safe to use on electrical systems – so it’s perfect for the type of ones you plug in.

Driving out moisture, a quick spray will help to keep any pivots lubed, any drillbits clean, and any chucks spinning smoothly. The straw also helps you to get in those difficult areas, and flush out trapped dirt!

In essence, GT85 will help keep any blade clean and ensure there’s no rust when you get your tools back out next spring. It’s good to know it does more than just clean away oil, dirt and grease.


GT85 protects manual tools

Choosing where to store your hand tools is one of the biggest factors in preventing them from rusting.

Ideally they should be kept off the ground, where dampness is often present. You could even try adding moisture-absorbing silica-gel desiccants to your drawer or toolbox.

Whilst not allowing them to get wet plays a big part, they also need a helping hand. In other words, an effective protective coating from a proven rust remover spray.

GT85’s formula contains PTFE, an element which helps provide a protective layer to tools, so any winter damp and rust simply won’t take hold as easily.

It’s worth remembering that you’ll need to spray fairly regularly, and not just once. This is because over time, damp and other external acids that are found in rain may corrode through the PTFE coat, leaving your tools exposed and vulnerable. We’d suggest spraying them every month to make sure.


More on GT85 multi-purpose lubricant spray

GT85 is more than a multi-purpose spray. It’s a rust remover, a tool protector and a spring lifesaver.

That might be a little dramatic, but you certainly don’t want to open up your shed door in April and find your best tools need replacing.

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