GT85 the multi-purpose spray for quad bikes and ATVs everywhere…

Riding an off-road quad bike or ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) can be an exhilarating experience. Bombing down hidden trails, going off-course to remote places in next to no time. It’s an activity that gets the blood pumping.

Providing the quad meets all road safety standards, these vehicles can be ridden on public roads too. You’ve probably seen (or heard) one recently.

But generally, ATVs are more for off-road than on tarmac. And that means having to deal with mud, (not-so) glorious mud.

It can be a pain to clean off at the best of times. But even more so at this time of year. So what’s the best way of removing mud? This is where we introduce our best kept secret, GT85 the multi-purpose spray.


GT85 helps clean your quad

During the muddy season it’s easy to keep your quad looking and performing well.

If the mud is dried on, you’re going to need to spray it down with a pressure hose – from top to bottom – so the water penetrates and loosens all the muck.

Now scrub a little detergent on, either by hand or with a rotating pressure washer brush. Spray it down again. Before finally applying GT85 and buffing up to leave your quad looking clean again.


Not just cleaning, but lubricating

Once you’ve spruced up your quad bike, you’ll want to keep it running well, too. The good news is, GT85 lubricates as well as cleans. And protects!

First get started on the chain. Use a small jack to raise the quad bike off the ground. Then slowly pushing forward the back wheel to spin in mid-air, spray each section of the chain evenly using the GT85 straw.

Greasing your quad is also a good idea as soon as your suspension fittings start to squeak.

Again using a jack to raise your quad from the floor, spray the eight bearing fittings on the front suspension. The lubricating PTFE formula will keep your parts moving better than ever and protect the surfaces from water, rust, and dirt.


More on GT85

GT85 is the multi-purpose spray you can trust. Hundreds of thousands of people use it because it’s so effective at cleaning and lubricating vehicles.

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