GT85 – Must-follow motorcycle cleaning tips

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the roar of a motorbike when you open it up down a seemingly endless road. It’s exhilarating – and then some. But cleaning your bike when you get back home? Hmmm. For some that’s less fun, but completely necessary. That is if you want to take care of your bike and keep putting the ‘fun’ in functional. So here are some must-follow tips for motorcycle cleaning that work, whether you’re a biker, mechanic or old-school enthusiast. You won’t be surprised to learn it involves the ultra-effective GT85 multi-purpose spray…


First off, if your bike is still warm from your last trip, wait until the engine and exhaust cool down. It’s best to let everything return to its normal temperature.

Never use high-pressure water or air to spray your bike – it can damage things like muffler outlets and electrical parts.

And finally, still on the gentle theme, always avoid cleaning products that aren’t specifically designed for motorbikes. Detergents or chemical solvents can end up causing damage to your bike’s surfaces – that’s metal, paint or plastic. But thankfully, GT85 is about as motorbike-friendly as they come!


Cleaning your motorbike regularly is crucial. It’s best to do it after every ride. Start by rinsing down your bike with cool water – this will remove any loose dirt. Then get busy wiping down with a sponge or cloth – remember never to put your cloth on the floor as it could pick up grit and damage paintwork

After cleaning, rinse your bike down again with clean water. Dry, start the engine, and let it run for a little while to check everything sounds good.


We’d recommend cleaning the chain when it gets fairly dirty, or at set mileage intervals – whatever your manual recommends.

Start by elevating the rear wheel of your bike and popping the transmission in neutral, to enable easy movement of the chain. A soft bristle brush with help remove any grit and grime off the chain.

Then comes the lube – GT85. To lube the chain, rotate the back wheel and apply, evenly coating the chain, and penetrating into the joint. Give the chain a few minutes, then wipe away any excess.

As you probably know, GT85 is the multi-purpose spray that drives out moisture from any sensitive electrical parts of a motorcycle. And as an added bonus it also protects against rust.


The good news about GT85 is that it’s not just for your bike’s chain. This PTFE spray can also be used to clean out the grease and dirt that can gum up all parts of a motorbike.

Then there’s application on the chrome – it’s ideal to both clean and protect. Using GT85 and a microfibre cloth, spend a little time rubbing in small, even circles. You’ll soon see a lovely shine on your bike’s chrome that’s simple to maintain. Making sure you turn heads next time you’re out, thanks to your Best Kept Secret (Scent)!


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