GT85® Original multi-purpose lubricant - GT85 UK

GT85® Original



GT85 is a versatile, multi-purpose spray, which makes it ideal for use in all-over the bike on chains, cables, levers, gears, derailleurs or anywhere that non-sticky lubrication is required.

This professional strength, water-displacing lube contains PTFE to form a long-lasting, lubricating film and protective shine and gives a great all over finish to your bike.

Before going out a light overall spray will seal out dirt and dust and moisture. After cleaning just reapply for all round protection whilst out of use. Safe for use on carbon frames.



  • Professional strength powerful water displacing formulation flushes out dirt more effectively.
  • Lubricants every metal and composite part with long lasting protective PTFE coating. Safe on carbon frames.
  • Great for cables, levers, shocks, derailleurs, chain.
  • Sprayed liberally all over bike after washing minimizes clean up time next ride.
  • GT85 protects and shines.
  • Unique perfume giving non-oily smell, leaving bike fresh and sparkling.

Product Benefits

  • Loosens rusted parts
  • Prevents squeaking
  • PTFE formula helps lubricate
  • Fast acting cleaner
  • Versatile and easy to use


Product Uses

  • Lubricating and cleaning
  • Driving out moisture from electrical systems
  • Starting wet engines

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Technical Data Sheet

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