How can GT85 spray lube keep you busy?

Over lock-down many of us have been keeping busy with projects.

You might have used a lubricant of some description or other whilst doing so. But, when it comes to lubrication, do you know what’s what?

We’d say a pretty good definition is that lubricants are used to reduce the friction that occurs between surfaces in moving parts. It makes the motion easier, making it more efficient. Nonetheless, if the lube contains PTFE it will coat and protect the surface from dirt, water etc.

The good news is, if you don’t know your fluids and oils from your greases and liquids, then don’t worry – you don’t really have to.

There’s one type of spray lube that ticks virtually all the right boxes. When it comes to cars, bikes and DIY, GT85 does it all.

Here’s a handy guide to help you – whatever your project or job.


The spray lube for cars

Bonnet latches and fuel cap door latches are two car components that are often most exposed to the elements.

As such, they may need attention several times a year. Just give them a quick covering with a shot of GT85. It’s the spray lube that gets things moving again.

Whilst holding the can, try spraying it on to your headlights and giving them a light buff. With little to no elbow grease you can restore your lights to as if they’re almost new.

The same can be said for removing and fixing light body scratches as well as cleaning and shining your engine bay, wheel rims and tyre sidewalls.

You can also improve connectivity by giving your spark plugs a little spray, and even degrease your hands with it!


The spray lube for bikes

Bikes need a lot of love and attention. With so many moving parts, being so exposed to the elements, it’s just the way.

They respond best to a non-greasy and non-oily bike lube. And you’d do well to find one better than GT85.

Taking care to avoid your brake pads – because you really don’t want them greased up – GT85 is ideal for cleaning and lubricating bike chains, frames, derailleurs, cables, levers, gears and more.

The PTFE-based formula dissipates water and dirt from all your pivots and components, and will act as a protective coat to help prevent rust.

Use it before and after rides, to give your bike a great all-over protective shine and finish. It’s no wonder elite cyclists recommend it.


The spray lube for DIY jobs

Because GT85 is a versatile, multi-purpose spray, it’s simply made for DIY jobs.

Anything you have to loosen – such as fixed-firm rusty bolts, pins or mechanisms, or perhaps a far more minor job like freeing two stubborn Lego pieces – can soon be consigned to the category marked “done”. This is another example in which the straw comes in handy.

Plus, all those tools in your garage or shed can be returned to a better condition. GT85 cleans, shines and protects.

And clanking or fiddly locks and hinges all over the home can soon be made lithe and supple again. The same can be said for windscreen wipers, control cables, hedge-cutter blades and lawnmower parts.

Just a couple of squirts and GT85’s lubricating PTFE compound will do its thing. What’s not to like?


More on GT85

GT85 is more than a multipurpose spray. It’s an everyday spray.

Whatever it is in your life that needs lubricating power and a quality protective performance, introduce it to the best, GT85.

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