If like us you spend a lot of time checking out new rides and thinking about your next purchase, sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion. That’s why we got the lowdown from bike mechanic Alex Baker or @hellooovelo on Instagram, who kindly told us what’s what. And as we take a gander at some of the most popular bikes, just remember that there’s one bike cleaning spray that’s great for all bikes and cyclists.

(Hint: it comes in a can with a straw.)


The bike cleaning spray for all types of bikes

We agree, there is a lot of different types of bikes out there, if only you could have one of each!

The good news is, there’s one piece of kit that’s great for taking care of each and every one of them. Yes, going back to our original hint, it’s the versatile multi-purpose spray known as GT85.

Before serious business starts, you must know that all types of bikes should be sprayed with a bike cleaning spray such as GT85 as a part of basic maintenance. You don’t want your ride to become squeaky or rusty, do you? Anyway, let’s crack on…

The gravel bike

It’s known to rule them all. Why? Because you can use it for e-ve-ry-thing. From commuting to work or off roading into the woods. Therefore, tends to be the dirtiest of them all… Make sure the key areas you spray and clean with GT85 on this one are: the group set and under the seat, the two places where you probably collect the most dirt with this bike. If your gravel bike is electrical make sure you take the batteries out and put the cap on the downtube before you hose it down.


They are no different. They probably need more hosing down as they are not as slick as the gravel bikes. When you apply GT85, you want the surfaces to be clean so you’re not just adding spray to the muck. Do a proper job and take off the wheels, as MTBs are well known for being the best at hiding dirt even after you thought there can’t be more dirt left

Road bikes

They also love GT85, however on these it’s best to apply GT85 on the cassette and whatever you do make sure the disc rotors don’t get contaminated with anything. We’re dead serious, you need those brakes for a reason!

Fixed gear bikes

Quite easy to maintain, but cleaning them is not so easy. Doesn’t make sense, we know, but it’s a fact. The drive train doesn’t come off, so you need to get in there somehow to clean it. If only there would be some sort of bike spray with a very slim red straw to help you get in those small hidden places…


That’s a tricky one. For obvious reasons (you know what we’re talking about here…) you shouldn’t be using a pressure washer as this can cause water to penetrate the bearings. Use GT85 to lube your chain and keep your eBike looking good for longer – careful with the braking surfaces though! Lube your cables (the PTFE action will leave a dry but lubricated layer on it) and you’re good for another electric ride.

Whichever bike you have, or thinking of getting, we’re sure it’ll love GT85. Steel and chrome are more prone to rust so using GT85 and its PTFE coating can help protect against that.

All bikes will become squeaky if you don’t look after them, that’s why GT85 is great in the battle against this, no one wants that irritating noise on a ride.


How to use GT85 on your bike

Generally speaking, after drying the bike down with a cloth, apply GT85 on to its chain, cassette, gear and brake cables (inner and outer), derailleurs (front and rear), as well as the levers & shifters.

GT85 lubricates every metal and composite part with long-lasting protective coating. So, all your pivots and components revert to their best condition, and the coating acts as a protective layer to help prevent rust.


No more mistakes

Right. It’s essential to take care of your bike as often as you can, especially after it’s been exposed to the elements.

But, and it’s important to state this, you should avoid spraying GT85 in certain areas. Braking surfaces such as rim walls and disc rotors, your bottom brackets, places like headsets, fork stanchions and free hubs.

After all, when you hit the brakes, you want to stop!


More on GT85

Use GT85 before and after rides, to give your bike a great all-overprotective shine and finish. So make sure you’re stocked for those upcoming rides as spring is just around the corner.

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