Sheds, garages, cupboards and drawers. What do they all have in common? Not one should be without a can of GT85 DIY multi-purpose spray!

All across the country, people are turning to GT85 in their hour of need because it’s just so effective at conquering such a wide variety of DIY jobs.

So, why is GT85 their spray of choice? Read on to find out more…

Fixing with GT85

GT85 DIY multi-purpose spray is well-known for its all-round versatility,. meaning it can help you fix all kinds of things around the home.

Scissors, pliers and garden shears can all be given a new lease of life. Just rub a little GT85 in with a cloth and not only will they come up shiny, they’ll also increase in cutting power, making the next gardening job that bit easier.

Things that are stuck – from door locks and coat zips to garden hose attachments – can all benefit from the GT85 treatment. Again, just a little spray works wonders in terms of loosening stuck parts

Life hacks with GT85

Everyone loves a life-hack. Those little tips and tricks that can make your life so much easier. The good news is, with GT85 you can master a few with the minimum of effort.

Like separating glasses (tumblers not spectacles) that have become wedged together – simply spray and ease apart.

You could try coating your trowels and spades with GT85. It actually repels mud and dirt from clumping on the metal in the first place. This DIY spray is surprisingly versatile .

Share your best life-hacks with us on our social channels, we love to hear how many things people do around the home with GT85.

DIY weekend competition

We ran a DIY Weekend Competition on our social channels, asking our followers to tell us what DIY projects they’re working on.

There were several great entries, but the winner – of an Alexa Echo Dot and five cans of GT85 – was Darren Smith, who built himself an impressive new man-cave. Well played.

More on GT85

For further hints, tips and life-hacks make sure you’ve always got a can of GT85 handy.

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