It’s prime time for getting outdoors and ticking off the DIY projects you know will make a difference. So when motivation strikes, grab it with both hands. Multitasking calls for a multi-purpose spray you can trust and GT85 lubricant spray is here to make whatever you’re working on a total breeze for you and your tools; not just today, but time and time again.

First things first

Now, whether you’ve borrowed them from a mate or invested in your own, tools cost money and you want them to last. The secret? Sticking to a good routine with a can of GT85.

Think about the tools you’re going to need and, before you start, lay them all out for a quick inspection. Grab a clean, dry cloth and give them a wipe down to get rid of any surface dust and dirt, then spray all over with GT85. The PTFE formula will flush out hidden dirt effectively and lube working parts ready for a day on the job.

As all the best DIYers know, the magic in the black’n’red can is non-greasy but leaves a protective coating that helps fight rust and keep your tools cleaner for longer.

Keeping it green

Remember the grass is always greener with GT85 lubricant spray.

Spray on your garden essentials like spades and trowels and it will not only tackle the dirt already on them but stops mud and dirt from clumping in the first place. It’s safe for electrical tools and blades too, driving out water, keeping corrosion at bay and providing instant lubrication for the inner workings of the kit you rely on.

Show your lawnmower some GT85 love, and spray on hedge cutters, chainsaws and shears before and after use to keep them in tip top condition all year round, however much action they get.

A friendly reminder: when cleaning electricals, always remember to isolate the power first.

A shed load of reasons to use GT85

Keep your GT85 multi-purpose spray close to hand when your attention turns to outdoor projects like cleaning the shed and the exterior of the house. As well as cleaning and protecting just about anything, it loves to get down to the nitty gritty of DIY, loosening stuck parts like locks and attachments.

Sink lines looking grubby? Clean and protect with GT85. Spotted some rusty pipework? You already know the multipurpose spray that can do it all.

Before you call it a day

After a hard day ticking off outdoor jobs, it’s tempting to down tools and pack up as quickly as possible. But just imagine how you’ll feel knowing everything in the shed is gleaming ready for the next time you need it.

Another quick spray with GT85 before you store your tools away safely will give you peace of mind that your gear is pristine, protected and ready to DIY another day.

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