GT85 – the lubricant spray for cleaning, protecting and preventing rust over winter.

It’s that time of year again. It’s cold, frosty and tasks are just that bit harder to do. It just creeps in. It affects performance. It can even make things fall into total disrepair. We’re talking about your work tools and equipment of course. So yes, you need a lubricant spray that protects against these cold, wintry days.

Whilst we can’t do anything but wait out the cold weather, there is something we can all do to protect against it: GT85. This multi-purpose lubricant hero needs little introduction. Regular readers of this blog will know we talk about not much else! But what you might not know is that GT85 is ideal to use in these freezing temperatures.

That’s right. GT85 doesn’t just lubricate, it stands up to the cold baring all. And on that eyebrow-raising image, we’ll explain just how…

The best protection for DIY and tradespeople

First up, it’s December, and winter is coming. So, it’s good to know that GT85 multi-purpose spray helps prevent the formation of icicles and ice dams. You can also use GT85 on water pipes to keep them frost free and flowing.

And as for winter mornings, you can count on GT85 for frost protection too.

It works because GT85 is a water displacer and contains PTFE, this means the oil barrier makes it difficult for ice to form on the surface. Let’s say it gets super cold overnight, even if you would get a bit of ice, you would be able to scrape it off easily because of the protective barrier between the surface and the ice. Pretty wicked. Of course, all of this is possible if rain and the elements haven’t washed the spray off the surface.

Another reason for which is great to spray GT85 as a preventive measure, is because during the defrosting process you’d get some moisture, and if we have moisture that means we’re a sitting duck in front of rust. So when the sunny days are back and start melting the frost away, go and check your shed and your outdoor taps, and make sure you spray them again. GT85 works its magic when you use it as part of a routine, not just a one-off.

This advice up there is pretty universal and can be applied whether you are a cyclist or a mechanic. Continue reading for more cycling and mechanic advice.

Protection for cyclists

If you’re still riding in these colder months, GT85 is a great ally to have at hand. The routine is easy. After you’ve given your bike a good clean down, getting rid of any excess dirt, simply wipe dry, then spray GT85 onto a cloth and apply to the exposed metal parts. Be careful not to spray the brake areas.

That means the frame, gear and brake cables, the derailleurs, the chain and cassette. The anti-corrosion PTFE properties will keep rust at bay and leave a nice, clean shine.

Protection for mechanics

Mechanics need look no further than GT85 to protect their car and its engine during the cold, cruel winter months. Fight back against Mother Nature, and her icy tendrils, and protect your vehicle with a can of the good stuff.

Everything from lock cylinders and boot latches, to door hinges and window channels can benefit from a quick coating of GT85 multi-purpose spray. It aids movement and prevents freezing… no one enjoys that frosty battle with a stuck door.

More on GT85

Whether you’re a DIYer, in the trade, cyclist or mechanic – you could even tick all boxes – GT85 is the lubricant spray that protects against cold. Who’s ready for the warmer months? Bring it on!

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