GT85 is the multi-purpose bike cleaner which will make your ride bloom this spring. Before you hit the road, you’ll want all the best advice on getting your bike ready for this year’s first spring ride. You won’t be surprised to learn it involves the ultra-effective bike cleaner, GT85.

Cleaning your bike

First things first. If your bike needs to come out from its hibernation, then it’ll need to be cleaned up. (You may have even put it away dirty – naughty, but we won’t judge.) Here’s a simple checklist of steps to work through:

  • Brush off any loose dirt. Here you can use old cloths, rags – whatever’s best for you.
  • If still mucky, wet the bike down – use soapy water and a fresh cloth then dry wipe the bike down.
  • GT85 bike cleaner. Now the proper bit: GT85 bike cleaner spray. This is a case of using the straw to precisely spray the frame tubes, drivetrain, brake callipers, chain rings, under the fork crown, and under the saddle. It’s made to reach those tiny areas with ease. But remember, avoid the brakes!
  • Scrub the sprockets and difficult areas to reach. This is where an old toothbrush comes in handy.
  • Rinse off with clean water. A simple last step but one which removes any remaining residue. Your bike is now pretty much as clean as it gets.

Basic maintenance for your bike

Once you’ve finished with the GT85 bike cleaner, it’s time for some basic maintenance. It’s all the stuff we already know, but it’s great to have a checklist after a quiet winter:

  • Check your seat – there’s a good chance it will have come loose and need tightening. You don’t want to set off and find yourself tilting around.
  • Check the tyre pressure – it’s natural for bikes to lose air, especially if you haven’t used it over winter. A pump with a base to stand upon is best due to it having a large gauge so you can keep to the recommended air pressure (you’ll find this on the tyre itself).
  • Check the spokes – these keep your wheels straight, so it pays to check if they’re also straight. Use a correctly sized spoke wrench should they need adjusting.
  • Check brake levers – when pulled, your levers should engage on both sides of your brake pads. If not you may need to unscrew the barrel adjuster a couple of turns. Of course, the brakes should not stick whilst the wheel’s turning either.
  • Check your brake pads – the length of the pad should press against the rim of your wheel. Obviously, it’s important to replace worn brake pads as soon as possible.
  • Check the chain – press your fingers against the top chain. You’re looking for tension of no more than ¼ – ½ inch. If it’s more, it’s too loose – the chain might come off when riding. But if the chain is too tight you could damage your gears. Loosen the rear wheel nuts, pull the rear wheel back, and take away some of the slack.

Lubricating and protecting your bike

Just one final stage before you can get out, and that’s to lubricate and protect your bike.

  • Once dried, apply GT85 to the frame and components. This is where our PTFE formula comes into its own. Displacing any remaining water and fully lubing your bike’s parts.
  • Buff with a soft cloth. It’s already looking good, you know it. But give it one final going over with a fresh cloth to really put the shine into your ride. It’s really important to be careful on how you spray GT85, because you don’t want to spray to contaminate the disks. So always, always spray into a cloth, especially if you’re doing this outside where you have a bit of wind.

More on GT85

So, there’s how to use GT85 multi-purpose bike cleaner to get your bike looking great and riding safe.

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