At GT85 we know a lot about how to use our trusted multi-purpose carpentry tool spray. But we’re always keen to hear how other people use it. Even better if they’re top of their game, like Sam, also known as @carpentry_bysam on Instagram.

Sam is 30 years old but started carpentry many moons ago. His dad was a carpenter so Sam worked weekends with him to earn a bit of pocket money and followed in his footsteps as soon as he finished school. Busy working in all aspects of carpentry, from kitchens to roof building, Sam is big on using GT85 throughout his work.

But rather than us tell you how and why, we’ll let Sam speak for himself…


The spray for carpentry tools

GT85: Hey Sam. Tell us the difference between a carpenter’s tools set versus a DIYer’s?

Sam: “I think as a carpenter we have such a wide range of tools – ones a DIYer wouldn’t normally use like router table and track saws. For hand tools I’d say a speed square, and scribing tools too, which for a DIYer would be very costly for small jobs around the house.”

GT85: Okay. So, in your industry, what’s the worst thing that can happen to your tools and equipment?

Sam:My WORST enemy would be the weather. Moisture can easily lead to rust and I can guarantee the second I get on that roof it will rain! This can be a nightmare with my hand tools, keeping the rust away as they sit in the van afterwards.”

GT85: Yep, it’s always the weather here in the UK. So, hopefully this is where you bring in a certain black’n’red can! Tell us how you use GT85 multi-purpose carpentry tool spray in your work. And why it’s great for your tools and equipment.


The spray that drives out moisture

Sam: “For me, at the end of a dusty day, is a great time to give your tools a spray for cleaning purposes. GT85 is also fantastic for when my tools are soaked due to bad weather – I just wipe my hand tool and power tools over with a cloth then give it a quick spray to drive the moisture away.”

GT85: That’s right, GT85 is great for driving out moisture to protect against rust, and the PTFE formula coats your tools too, stopping any annoying squeaks. But make sure to use it as part of a routine, not just a one off.

Sam: “Yeah, brilliant. Oh, GT85 is also great for sharpening my chisels – spray the stone and away you go!”


The spray for taking care of your carpentry tools

GT85: So, crunch time – why would you recommend GT85 for carpentry projects?

Sam: “Well, there’s more to GT85 spray than you think. I would recommend this to all carpenters due to the fact of how well it cleans and protects your tools. And personally, I don’t think there’s a better product out there for this job.”

GT85: We’re so going to share this! Thanks Sam, really appreciate it! So, taking care of your tools is super important?

Sam: “Yeah, we need these tools on a daily basis, and more importantly to earn a living. For us carpenters our tools are our livelihood – and expensive to keep replacing! So taking care of them is a must.”

GT85: And finally, what would be your best advice for someone working on carpentry projects?

Sam: “The obvious – measure twice, cut once haha. But also take pride in what you do, look after your tools and keep them sharp!”

GT85: Measure twice, cut once – this is a good life mantra. Cheers Sam, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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