Spring is here, and it’s time to clean up your… shed, garage, workshop, man cave, whatever you call it!  We’ll bet that if yours is anything like ours, it will be full of tools, equipment and essential ‘stuff’. Sorting this out is key part of the task – because a shed can quickly become a dumping ground for neglected ‘stuff’. Grab your favourite water-displacing spray and let’s move on…

So, where to begin? Get everything out – off the shelves and hooks, out the boxes and drawers. Next, chuck away any rubbish – we’re sure you’ll have some. And finally have a look at what needs attention. While you’re tidying and reorganising, it’s a great time to do some quick maintenance on your tools and equipment. To really take care and spruce up the important stuff, you need the best kind of water-displacing spray: GT85.  

Far more than just lubricating, GT85 spray also cleans and protects. Spring can also come with a bit more moisture as the temperature starts to rise… you’ll need it. 

Cleaning up your tools 

Let’s start with the DIY tools. These manual fellas are often made of metal. And we all know that if you leave metal unattended over winter then you’ll likely be met with a nasty orange coating.  

GT85 is also a non-greasy and non-oily lubricant that loves to fight rust in all kinds of situations. First give the area a good rub down with a dry cloth, then spray, and wipe down with a clean cloth. GT85 forms a protective layer that gives the surface a healthy shine. 

GT85 is also great for power tools. Even though they’re electrical, the formula gets on fine with that. The water-displacing property will drive out water out of your equipment so again, spray any affected areas to clean up, coat and protect. Just make sure that the power is isolated before you start! 

And finally, the garden tools (won’t be long before those pesky weeds need sorting out). So get to work on your hedge cutters, chainsaw and shears. Basically, whatever you’ve had idle in your shed will need a good clean. GT85 is clever stuff, the PTFE-based formula is the protective coat which prevents water infiltrations, rust and other elements to cause corrosion. It’s easy when you know how.  

Protecting your equipment 

Keeping on the gardening theme, you’ll probably want to sort out your lawnmower. This bad boy will no doubt be feeling worse for wear after a winter of neglect, so lubricate any moving parts such as the blades or wheel bearings. As an all-purpose lubricant, GT85 is great for this sort of thing. 

Next on to your bike, if you have one. You can spray down the frame of course, but again it’s the moving parts that are the things to look out for. These often grind against other parts, so to keep them nice and lubricated, you know what to use. 

More on GT85 

Now you’ve got everything ready for the year and cleaned out your shed, what are you going to do with all that decluttered space? The answer’s simple. Fill it with extra cans of GT85! 

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