How to protect your car from the cold

Winter is a harsh time for drivers. It’s a time to take precautions, a time to take extra care on the roads and to protect your car from the cold. So if you need to get to your destination on time, you’re going to have to give yourself more time. Getting out the front door and being greeted by a car that’s been sat in sub-zero temperatures overnight is the leading cause of expletives whenever there’s a cold snap (we imagine).

Stay one step ahead of the crowd with our top tip for preventing ice on your car, using GT85 car spray.

Time to let you in on a secret

As our regular readers know, GT85 is a multi-purpose spray with a multitude of uses. It will clean and protect your car and your bike. It will help you smash your DIY to-do list in and around the house and keep your tools in mint condition.

Today, we shine a light on yet another GT85 Best Kept Secret …

Use GT85 for regular car maintenance throughout the winter. Because if anything can make Jack Frost lose his cool, it’s the car spray in the black and red can.


So you leave the house and find yourself face to face with a frosted windscreen. The best approach?

Yes, if you want to avoid a hold up on an icy morning, prevention is better than cure. Grabbing a cloth and applying a good coat of GT85 to your motor as often as you can is the dream because it cleans, shines and leaves behind a protective coat to help stop ice forming.

It’s safe to use on glass, metal and plastic, just avoid spraying on anything that gets hot, like your exhaust.


When temperatures really drop, it’s worth noting that it’s not just ice on windows that can hold you up – doors and locks can freeze too.

Stay one step ahead and apply GT85 before the bad weather kicks in or the night before a cold spell. As well as flushing out moisture and dirt, lubricating moving parts, and aiding rust prevention, GT85 will act as a barrier to help prevent sticking when the cold sets in.

As we said, prevention is always better than cure. But if the frost beats you to it and you find your locks and doors immobile from the cold, stay cool.

Apply GT85 using the red straw for precision, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

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GT85. Lubes. Cleans. Protects.


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