You must’ve felt it. Winter isn’t just coming – it’s already here. And that means frost. Now frost is nice to look at (if you’re indoors), but it’s not especially nice for garden and DIY tools.

So now you’ve finished cutting back the plants and tidied everything away, this is the perfect time to ensure that, come spring, you can return to your tools and feel confident that they’ll be rust-free.

So how do we keep frost away from DIY tools this winter? With the help of the rust prevention friend to DIY tools, a simple can of GT85. But you probably guessed that, being on this blog…


Why rust is a problem on your DIY tools

There’s a good chance your shed, garage or out-house will get damp and cold over winter. And those are exactly the sort of conditions in which rust and corrosion thrives.

If left unprotected, your DIY tools will inevitably become rusty. It’s basic science. And even the most durable DIY tool that gets rusty is well on its way to becoming damaged or even useless. Plus the freezing temperatures can make any metal or plastic parts brittle and more likely to break. There’s a lot to contend with.

What’s needed to keep frost away from DIY tools this winter is the multi-purpose spray that cleans and protects – GT85. This spray – containing PTFE lubricant – drives out moisture, cleans away muck, shines up surfaces, and coats with a protective layer.

It all makes perfect sense – because looking after your tools now means you can avoid having to buy new ones next year.


Essential cleaning to keep frost away with GT85

Getting a DIY or garden tool ready for winter only takes a few simple steps. First scrape off the visible mud or dirt. Then wipe down any excess with some heavy-duty fabric like a hessian sack.

Now, once it’s dry, you can begin lubing your tools using GT85. A quick once-over spray will do – although remember to do both sides.

It’s also worth noting that this is where the can’s little straw proves invaluable. Using the straw enables a more precise clean, getting the formula in all the nooks and crannies where rust and dirt take hold of first. Once sprayed, wipe down with a clean cloth and the PTFE action will start to work immediately. Your tools are now protected against rusting.

Finally, make sure you store your tools in a dry place – ideally off the floor. And for the best results, we recommend revisiting the process once a month for a better maintenance routine.


More on GT85

GT85 is the rust prevention spray for gardening tools.

Use it to clean and protect wood-handled DIY tools like spades, trowels, rakes and hoes. Cutting tools like secateurs and garden shears. And even power tools like lawnmowers and hedge trimmers. You can also find more information, tricks, and uses of GT85 here.

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