‘Staycation’ seems to be on everyone’s lips. So the first thing that pops to mind is: motorcycle tours in the UK.

This summer is a very different summer from last. However we emerge from Covid-19, and however it’s affected you personally, there’s no denying that it’s had an impact on our summer holidays.

Whilst some of us will still try and fly somewhere this year, there’s a good proportion of folk who are opting for a great British staycation.

In our opinion there’s nothing finer than the green hills and meadows of these Isles – and the best way to see them is by motorbike or car.

For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to focus on locations and amenities that have been earmarked for a motorcycle tour.

But that’s not to stop you visiting these places in the vehicle of your choosing.

Car, bicycle, Sinclair C5 – it’s all good…


Where first?

It’s not for us to dictate to you where you should go. As far as England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are concerned, each has its own distinctive charms.

So take the following suggestions and make your own call.

Just remember to also take a can of the old reliable when it comes to lubricating and cleaning your bike parts. In other words, GT85. You would really want to do that especially if rain is forecast!


The best motorcycle tours

Here’s a few ideas for your next motorcycle tour. Most notably these have been selected for their gorgeous scenery, there’s a great route nearby, or maybe it’s just for the quality of the local cafe.

  • The Peak District is as good a place as any to start. This national park is home to some fantastic winding roads. Try the Snake Pass, connecting Glossop to Sheffield, or the “Cat & Fiddle” road near Macclesfield. There are plenty of hills to navigate, too. It’s got its name for a reason.
  • Scotland is far more than just the old clichés. With 10% of Europe’s coastline, it’s remote, windswept and beautifully wild. Try Bealach Na Ba in the Highlands, an ancient road that takes you up to Applecross in the North West, courtesy of several hairpins and switchbacks. Roughly translated as “the pass of the cattle”, this is Britain’s third highest pass.
  • The Pass of the Cross in Wales is known locally as “Hellfire pass”, although perhaps a little harshly as you’re surrounded by natural beauty. It’s a 2.5 hour ride down to Abergavenny, home to the Steel Horse Cafe in Llanvihangel Gobion. Order the superb All-Day Breakfast for a treat.


Want more ideas? How about you take the recommendation of the 3-time BSB winner Niall Mackenzie:

I visit the North Coast 500 route every year with some of my washed-up racer friends. As the name suggests it’s in the north and just over 500 miles long. If time permits, we ride round the whole lot but quite often visit small sections enjoying the amazing roads and scenery. Most touring bikers will be familiar with the NC 500 but there is a ton of info on the internet to help make the most of your trip.”


Remember your GT85

If you are heading out on motorcycle tours, you don’t need us to remind you to be prepared.

That means maintaining your engine with GT85 when you go on long distance journeys, especially if you’re likely to encounter bad weather.

There’s another blog with some more information here: (LINK).

So remember everything that’s crucial for your trip: phone, keys, money, GT85, a cloth.


More on GT85

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