So, Santa came and brought you a brand new Christmas bike. Wonderful. But do you already have a bike cleaner to take care of it?

Unless you’ve already hit the roads hard, it’s probably still looking nice and crisp. But like anything of value, it pays to take care of it. Failing to do so could leave it deteriorating and getting damaged. And you with a hefty repair bill.

In this case, ‘taking care of it’ can be as simple as regularly cleaning down your new bike properly. Not just giving it a customary wipe around, but a complete and thorough clean.

This may sound a little daunting, especially if you just ride for fun, but there are a few simple tips that even professionals cyclists follow.

Simple entry-level tips that involve an all-in-one bike cleaning kit. In other words, a can of GT85.


Cleaning your bike – step by step

To remove any bits of mud, muck or debris, the first thing you need to do is wash your bike down with water and washing up liquid.

Use a bucket and bike-specific brush to clean the frame, chain, cogs – all over really. Next, wipe down with an old towel to dry everything off. (Probably not the Egyptian cotton one you also got for Christmas.)

Now the important bit – lubrication. Your bike needs to be lubricated regularly to keep it functioning as it should do. Lube protects against excessive friction that leads to wear, rust and corrosion. A big no-no.

Any parts that move against other parts are key. So that’s your chain, frames, derailleurs, pedals, cables, shifters and brake levers.

Grab hold of your GT85. Spray on to a clean cloth – applying it here rather than directly on to your bike prevents the vapour landing on the brake areas (not a good idea). But the little straw is very precise and lets you to get into all those fiddly areas on your bike with ease.

Be careful not to over apply – excess lube can attract dirt particles. You just want a nice, even amount to coat and protect your new ride.


The PTFE spray that makes the difference

GT85 is the multi-purpose spray that’s been especially developed using a PTFE formula.

PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene, and what that’s really good at is reducing friction, wear and energy consumption on components.

This, in turn, improves operating efficiency. And the long-lasting film also forms a protective layer that’s shiny. Which is an added bonus when it comes to bikes.

So wipe down your bike with GT85 and let the PTFE goodness get to work. Job’s a good ‘un.


More on GT85

One final tip from our favourite PTFE spray…

If you leave your bike outside, make sure you spray it with GT85 and then cover it, or the bike will get cold and frosty and rust will take hold. You’re welcome.

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