Most people know that GT85 is a great to use on a vehicle. And even better, it’s the lubricant spray recommended by mechanics. That’s why we recently sat down with European Formula 3 race mechanic Aaron Palmer, better known as @aaron_evoix on Instagram, and had a nice little chat about car engines.

Aaron is famed for the work he’s done on his seriously sexy Palma Red Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR – a Japanese import that he’s customised to turn heads as well as corners.

And, like all good mechanics, he knows the value of GT85 when it comes to protecting and caring for your car.


The multi-purpose spray that protects all cars

You don’t have to own an Evo IX MR to get the most from GT85. This spray is great for all vehicles – whatever their spec, make or model.

But don’t just take our word for it. This blog is a transcript from our chat with Aaron, as he gave us his professional advice based around maintenance, mechanics, the car’s engine and other ways to use GT85 lubricant spray to maximum effect.


Best tips for car maintenance 

GT85: Where do you use GT85 multi-purpose spray to clean your car engine?

Aaron:I would use the spray pretty much everywhere and just avoid anything that gets hot like the exhaust as otherwise it burns off and creates a lot of smoke.’

GT85: Makes sense! Now let’s get down to it – what are your best tips to maintain a car with GT85?

Aaron: Well, my best tips would be to lubricate areas regularly that are exposed to the elements like rain. It prevents rust and makes working on the car so much easier and more enjoyable. My Mitsubishi also has large grills in the front bumper and a large vent in the bonnet so unfortunately lots of rainwater infiltrates the engine. GT85 does a great job, even on the studs in the head and turbo flange which are prone to rusting the most, especially with the constant heat cycles!’

GT85: So GT85 sorts all that out?

Aaron: Definitely. The spray also works well on plastics and brings them up to a really glossy shine. You can use it on chrome and it actually aids polishing up with a very fine grade ‘wet and dry’ sandpaper. For example, if you had some ‘swirls’ or scratches you can polish them out.’

GT85: Not only does it make it look good, but it smells good too!


Using the precision straw 

GT85: You also like the precision straw, right?

Aaron: Yeah, the good thing about the precision straw is that when you need to use it on nuts and bolts you can minimise how much of the spray gets on areas that get very hot like the exhaust, to stop it burning off and producing smoke when the car is running.’

GT85: That’s a great tip, no one wants to see the engine smoking. Cheers Aaron!


More on GT85 

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