Hi GT85 crew. Welcome back to our blog. This time out we’d like to introduce you to another of our friends, Eddie Ware. And so you know, he loves to use GT85 multi-purpose spray for his electrical systems and power tools.

Now, Eddie is an electrician, better known (except to his Mum) as @egw_electrical on Instagram. When he’s not on there, you’ll find Eddie working as a water gas nuclear industry electrician. It’s something he’s done for the past 16 years, on everything from servicing old electric plants to installing new equipment.

So, long story short, what we’re trying to say is that when it comes to electrical stuff he knows what he’s on about.


Real life, real benefits

The whole point of Eddie’s Instagram account is to be real. He wants to show the good, the bad and the ugly sides of his work as an electrician. And that’s exactly what we got when he shared his views on using GT85 on power tools and electrical systems.

Just so you know, GT85 isn’t new to Eddie… he’s already in on the secret! Whether at work or at play, Eddie is mainly an ‘outdoor-kinda-guy’. And in all weathers, he always has a can of GT85 nearby, helping to keep the water out and the rust off his tools, (It’s a secret weapon).

Anyway, let’s crack on…


GT85 – The multi-purpose spray for electrical systems and power tools

GT85: First things first. Why do you use GT85 on electrical systems and enclosures?

Eddie: “The spray is designed to drive water out of electrical equipment and components, so the simple answer is, it is safe. Just make sure that the power is isolated before you start.”

GT85: So, do you use it on your tools?

Eddie: “100%. I’ve found GT85 to be a fantastic product to clean hand-tools of grease and grime. And it also works brilliantly on battery power tools, leaving them clean and protected.”

GT85: Yeah, certainly helps keep them in great shape.


The spray that drives out moisture

GT85: So, let’s talk challenges. In your industry, what are the main enemies you face with your tools and equipment?

Eddie: “So, we have a few, such as rain and water. This can cause real problems if moisture happens to get inside the tools and stop them from working, causing rust. Also, grease, grime and dust can get onto the power tools and can make them difficult to use. I like to make it a priority to ensure that my tools are clean and protected to get the best out of them. Which is why I swear by GT85 spray for making cleaning so stress-free.”

GT85: Great to hear. So how do you go about driving out moisture from electrical plant and equipment?

Eddie: “I start by finding electrical equipment that’s showing signs of moisture and then I isolate the equipment, lock it off and prove it ‘dead’ so I can start the process. Then I remove the worst of moisture with a cloth, and once I’m happy with that, I take a can of GT85 and give the equipment a good spray. I then do my final checks of the equipment, remove the isolations and bring the equipment back into service.”


The lubricant spray for regular cleaning

GT85: It’s clear you’ve done this more than once. But here’s a question to finish: what’s your tool cleaning routine?

Eddie: Well, I like to get all my tools into the workshop and lay them out. First, I check to make sure the tools are in a safe condition. Then, I start by taking a dry paint brush and clean off any surface dust or grime from the tools. The next step is to give the tools a light spray of the GT85 over the surface using the straw. I like to get it into the difficult  places, and if the tools have any metal parts then these get a good spray to keep the rust out. Finally, I take a dry, soft cloth and wipe everything over…”

GT85: And how often do you clean them? Be honest…

Eddie: Oh, this should be done once a week to keep the tools in good condition and free from rust! It’s important to remember that a clean tool will always perform better, and if it’s looked after it will prolong the life. ‘Look after your tools and your tools will look after you’, as the old saying goes”.

GT85: We couldn’t agree more. Cheers Eddie for sharing your best kept secrets on GT85.


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