Top 15 Resolutions for New Year with GT85

Top 15 Resolutions for New Year with GT85

If you’re anything like us at GT85, you’ll want to start the new year off on the right foot, and a New Year’s resolution can help you do just that. We’re not talking running marathons or climbing Everest, we’re thinking more along the lines of cleaning out the tool shed, maintaining your bike – the everyday achievable things that us DIYers should be doing more of. We’ve got 15 of them here to get you started…


1. First and foremost, you need a can of GT85 multi-purpose spray to prevent your tools from getting rusty. It’s a small price to pay for keeping expensive tools from breaking down.

2. After each use, spray your bike with GT85 multi-purpose spray. A little moisture is all it takes to trigger rust forming on your pride and joy!

3. Use it on your car locks. If you use a manual lock to open your car, make sure those locks stay grit-free and supple by spraying with GT85.

4. Think ahead to those tools you’ll be using in the summer months, like the lawn mower and barbecue. Give them a spray down, using the red straw to get to those hard to reach places.

5. Like to get out on your bike over the winter months? Then it’s best to make sure your bike helmet is kept in good condition with a spray or two of GT85.

6. Been meaning to fix those scratches on your car? Polish them out with GT85 – yep it fixes scratches!

7. Batteries on power tools need maintaining and cleaning to keep them rust free. Simply spray them over with the lubricant spray, making sure you remove the batteries from the tools first.

8. Listened to that creak on the garden gate for too long? Use GT85 on it. It’ll keep away that rust too!

9. Clean your bike wheels ready for your next ride. We can’t do much for the mud that’ll get splatted on you whilst you’re out, but at least your bike will look clean – for a few minutes at least!

10. Don’t let mud settle in on your bike chains. Clean it off with GT85 – it’ll prevent the risk of any rust forming.


11. Lubricate your seat belt clip and holder to keep it working smoothly. Remember to avoid spraying any of the fabric or webbing.

12. Prevention is better than cure, so don’t be afraid to use lubricant spray on hinges that aren’t yet squeaking!

13. Stiff window hinges can be resolved with a good spray of GT85.

14. Have the kids got creative on your living room walls? Get it sorted with GT85

15. Always stock up on GT85 – this New Year’s resolution is fool-proof!


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As you can see, GT85 can be used on almost anything. With your bike and tools in great condition and all those little jobs ticked off the list, you’ve definitely started the year as you mean to go on – click here to find out more.

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