Tour de France special! Maintain your bike with GT85 bike spray.

We’re a few weeks into Tour de France and if it’s got you pining to be in the heart of a peloton, let us take you through our top tips for using GT85 bike spray to clean, protect and maintain your bike like the professionals.

A clean slate

At an event like Tour De France, a team of mechanics workday and night to support the riders. So when the likes of Pogacar are doing interviews and recovering from a gruelling day on the course, work kicks up a notch behind the scenes where every bike has to be cleaned and prepped for the following day.

Wash, dry, apply

  1. Brush off any of the loose dirt still hanging around from your last ride
  2. Wash with warm soapy water, then rinse and dry
  3. Squirt some GT85 bike spray onto a rag and apply

Where can I use GT85?

Whether you’re a pro or a turkey, remember GT85 multi-purpose bike spray is safe to use on all metal and composite parts. Get to work on your chain, cassette, gear and brake cables, derailleurs, lever and shifters.

The red straw is your best friend for those hard-to-reach places, like the drive train on a fixed gear bike for example. GT85 tackles the water and dirt no-one wants around, provides lubrication to keep everything in race-worthy working order, and the PTFE formula leaves a long-lasting coat that protects against the elements – exactly the peace of mind you need when navigating a slingshot.

Just take care to protect your brakes. Keep GT85 well away from any breaking surfaces like rim walls and disc rotors, your bottom brackets, headsets, fork stanchions and free hubs.

Once more for the win

Now all your components are clean and protected, get your ride worthy of a photo finish with GT85. Spray onto a clean rag and apply all over the frame for a non-oily shine that protects from dirt and rust and smells as good as it looks. In fact, don’t even bother putting your GT85 away. Another once over with the multi-purpose bike spray when you get back from your ride, and it’ll be worthy of that yellow jersey.


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