New Year has been and gone. (For some it may already be a hazy memory.) So how are your resolutions going? Any DIY on the horizon? One you may not have made – and to be fair it’s not front of everyone’s mind – is to treat your tools a little better. So, have you thought about GT85 for protecting your DIY tools?

Might not be the first thing you think of and totally get it, but it really pays to look after them, especially now it’s winter – you know, when the cold and damp sets in and things start to seize up.

There is a can’t-miss way you can improve your DIY tools’ lifespan though. And that, of course, is with a trusty can of GT85 spray.


What to get from Wickes

Why not get down to Wickes and grab a few essentials that you’ll need to sort your DIY tools?

Here’s your list:

  • GT85 (for protecting your DIY tools!)
  • micro fibre cloth
  • some heavy duty gloves
  • metal brush (only if you have a serious case of rust and muck build-up, if not get a regular plastic brush) and if you want to be a pro at this…
  • get some compressed air to help you really flush out all the dirt from the odd corners.


Cleaning your DIY tools

Now DIY tools could mean loads of stuff, but here we’re only talking about things like spanners, pliers, hammers, and hand saws, as well as ratchets and adjustable wrenches.

Hand tools like these are pretty much always made from metal. And metal will corrode and rust in damp conditions unless you sort them early.

So, don’t settle for a simple wipe down after each use – GT85 spray will take your new cleaning resolutions to a whole new level. The straw will flush out dirt more effectively than just a brush – try it yourself and see the difference on your DIY tools.

Ideally, your tools should be cleaned after every use before storage – and if you want the best results, you need to make this a habit!


Preventing your DIY tools from squeaking

DIY tools with moving parts can wear down quickly due to the friction involved. They can also pick up an annoying squeak as you use them.

The good news is GT85 sorts both problems right out. Apply a quick blast of the lubricating spray to all moving parts of your tool. Then give it a wipe down with a clean cloth.

Not only will it stop squeaking, but by leaving a PTFE coating on the surface, the lubrication will ensure any moving parts won’t grind or begin to wear out.


Fight against wear

This rust remover works fantastically with sandpaper, steel wool, a wire brush or a scouring pad. Gently sand down the area, spray, rub a little more and watch the rust come off.

As well as damp, don’t forget to store your tools in a dry place away from high humidity. Before long, if your DIY tools are in a sweltering garage or shed, then humidity can have the same deteriorating effect as dampness and moisture.


More on GT85 

Hopefully, we’ve helped you see how GT85 can be used for protecting DIY tools. If you start to make using it a habit then tools can last so much longer – what’s not to like about that, eh?!!

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