YouTube aficionado, Jesse Collingham, on his passion for project cars and why GT85 car spray is his Best Kept Secret!

YouTube aficionado, Jesse Collingham, on his passion for project cars and why GT85 car spray is his Best Kept Secret!

If you’re a fan of car customisation videos on YouTube then you will know Jesse Collingham – the no-nonsense car fanatic who does up project cars and documents the grind for our viewing pleasure. With videos like how to install a performance air filter and how to spray your grill, Jesse (AKA @j3ese on Instagram) has been racking up the views for years now, so naturally, we couldn’t wait to ask him how he uses GT85 car spray on all his favourite motors.

Time for an introduction

GT85: Hey Jesse. For anyone who doesn’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself.

Jesse: My name is Jesse and I’m an automotive Youtuber from the UK. I’ve always had a passion for customising things. I did my BMX bike as a kid and now I do cars! I just can’t leave things looking standard!

GT85: It’s a banging skill to have! How did your passion for customisation cross over onto YouTube?

Jesse: I’ve always been around YouTube and loved the process of creating and sharing footage. I managed to merge my passions for cars and videography and create an automotive channel.

GT85: We’re glad you did! You clearly know your way around a vehicle – what’s your car maintenance routine?

Jesse: It pays to keep on top of everything. Always make a note of when you last serviced your car – I like to service mine every 5,000 miles. I make sure the oil is always as fresh as possible and the spark plugs are tip top. I also like to wash and wax regularly.

GT85: The ladies will be pleased! What’s your favourite model of car?

Jesse: If you’re really pressing me to choose one, it’s got to be Honda. They’ve got reliability and drivability and they are so involving to drive.

GT85: What are your car enemies?

Jesse: Iron build up and dirt!

Jesse x GT85 car spray

GT85: GT85 is a great at flushing out water and dirt, right?

Jesse: Yeah, I use it to clean and maintain my engine bay. I just spray it on, watch it eat away at the dirt then rub it off with a microfiber cloth. My MX5 is 20 years old, so I’ve been up against some really stubborn bolts too. GT85 is spot on for that kind of stuff.

GT85: Would you recommend GT85 to your mates?

Jesse: In a heartbeat. It’s so easy to use. It’s one of those products that’s always well worth having around because it’s so simple to use and really effective.

The red straw is cracking because it gets the product right into tight spaces and the PTFE formula protects against wear and rust so you know it’s going to keep working hard long after you’ve sprayed it.

GT85 – Mechanic’s Best Kept Secret

As Jesse knows, GT85 is a mechanic’s Best Kept Secret. Here are some more insider tips on how the unique PTFE formula can help with car maintenance, engine bay cleaning and repair. Just try and keep them to yourself…

  • Pre-soaking nuts/bolts to aid removal, suspension components that are rusted, exhaust manifold that’s dry due to high temperatures
  • Lubricating un-painted/non-coated parts that are likely to rust, and suspension components
  • Lubing O-rings/seals that have a tight fit so that they don’t get snagged/trapped when inserting them
  • Lubricating couplings that are tightened and loosened frequently, so they don’t wear from being dry all the time. Gearbox oil lines, power steering lines and oil catch tank lines
  • Penetrates bearings/joints well so when they begin to feel dry and notchy, they can feel smooth and free again

More on GT85

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