10 ways to use GT85 bike spray on your bike

Every rider will know that your bike needs regular TLC, not only to function safely and at its best, but to prolong its life too. In short, look after your bike and it will look after you. And now with 2021’s cycling season at full speed, why not take a few minutes to read 10 ways you can use GT85 bike spray to keep everything in top shape.

Where to use GT85 bike spray:

  1. Chains (floss gently between each sprocket on the cassettes)
  2. Any small moving parts… The red straw is for those tiny, hard-to-reach areas!
  3. Both derailleur cables – come on, don’t forget the back side…
  4. The pedals (to stop the cleats from creaking)
  5. Pivot points on all arms, wheels, and pulleys. Yes, they’ll need it too.
  6. Gear and brake cables (inner and outer)
  7. Under the saddle – don’t forget this hidden area
  8. Frame tubes: time to shine!
  9. Brake callipers
  10. Under the fork crown

Warning: Right, it’s essential to take care of your bike as often as you can, especially after it’s been exposed to a muddy ride. But (lecture coming in three, two, one…) you should avoid spraying GT85 in certain areas such as your brakes, braking surfaces(rim walls and disc rotors), your bottom brackets, places like headsets, fork stanchions and free hubs.

GT85: lubes, cleans, protects

GT85 bike spray is a must-have for your bike cleaning kit… because it protects moving parts from friction, prevents ‘locking up’ and helps stop any rust or corrosion making an appearance.

Anything else? Yeah, GT85 lubes every metal and composite part with a long-lasting PTFE protective coating, keeping all your pivots and components in the very best condition and leaving behind a bonus layer that not only looks and smells great, but also protects your bike from the elements. You’re welcome.

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