Have you been noticing your car looks a lot less shiny than you remember it? When you use your vehicle for daily driving, you may think it’s impossible to keep it looking shiny and new. But we’re here to tell you it’s not impossible! All you need is a little creativity and a multi-purpose spray for car cleaning, like GT85.


A multi-purpose spray for car cleaning?


Absolutely! All you need is a cloth (or several) and a can of GT85.


When it’s what’s on the inside that counts

Firstly, GT85 is the perfect engine spray for cleaning all the dusty, grimy plastic inside your engine. Think, the engine covers, the cables, etc When your engine is completely cooled, just spray and use a cloth to get in around the edges and ridges of the surfaces. The straw that comes attached makes GT85 a great engine spray because you can get into fidgety nooks and crannies. Once you’re done, it’ll look shiny and impressive, just like new!


A bit of extra protection

Your first instinct when using a PTFE multi-purpose spray for car cleaning is probably rusty hinges. And GT85 is great for that! It will certainly quiet the loud hinges that can groan and scrape with repeated use. But GT85 can be used for more cosmetic reasons as well.

As a water displacer, it can be an excellent solution for rust, but this multi-purpose spray for car cleaning also created a protective layer. That will stop more rust from forming. But when we call GT85 a ‘cleaning spray’ we aren’t just talking about the greasy or rusty parts! You can use GT85 as a protectant for your clearcoat as well. Just make sure the surface of your coat is extra clean (break out the buckets of soapy water!) and then let it dry. Once dry, you can apply to the surface and use a clean, soft cloth to spread the product, rubbing in even circles. Then there you go—shiny, new, and coated in a protective layer!


Want more advice for using multi-purpose spray for car cleaning?

Stay tuned to our blog! We talk about using GT85 as an engine spray, as a critical part of your bike care kit, and using it all around the house for DIY. If you have a favourite use for GT85, head to our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page and join the conversation with GT85 aficionados!

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