If you’ve ever rushed out the shop for one thing you absolutely needed… and then promptly forgot about said item after its first and only use, you’re not alone. Our cupboards, toolboxes and sheds get crowded with items that, while very useful once, we haven’t thought about using again.

Well, it’s time to think again! When it comes to GT85 PTFE lubricant, there are many uses for it around the home, whether you’re a budding cyclist, diehard DIYer or auto enthusiast. Check out this list for GT85 multi-purpose spray uses that may surprise you—as well as suggestions for how often to apply that may make you reconsider your maintenance schedules!


Let’s Talk Tribology

Before we get how and how often we should use GT85 multi-purpose spray, we want to talk about the why. PTFE lubricants like GT85 have several useful properties; it’s:

  • Low friction
  • Chemically inert
  • Self-cleaning
  • Durable
  • Non-flammable
  • Corrosion-resistant

That makes GT85 multi-purpose spray handy in all sorts of settings. It can be used to lubricate metal and composite parts with a long-lasting coating, so it’s great for cables, levers, shocks, derailleurs, and chains. You understand that lubricates loosen rusty parts and prevent squeaking, but have you ever thought about the science behind it?

This is known as ‘tribology’. It’s a fancy word that deals with friction, lubrication and wear. When friction causes two mechanical parts to work against each other (such as your simple gear) that pressure results in wear. Unless you remember your PTFE lubricant! Lubricants reduce friction, prevent wear, protect equipment from corrosion, and control temperature and contamination.

In simple terms, using lubricant often (and before you notice rust or squeaking) extends the lifespan of your equipment. But as interesting as the science is, you’re most interested in how (and when) to apply this knowledge!


How & When to Use GT85 Multi-purpose Spray…

…On Your Bike

Taking good care of your bicycle is the best way to make sure it keeps moving efficiently. You might be in it for the exercise, but you don’t want to make your life more difficult than it needs to be!

GT85 multi-purpose spray is ideal for cleaning and lubricating bike chains, frames, derailleurs, cables, levers, gears and more. Because your bike is exposed to the elements, the truly fastidious cyclist will use GT85 before and after rides. As a PTFE lubricant, GT85 not only dissipates water and dirt, it acts as a protective coat to help prevent rust.

Just make sure to avoid your brake pads—you don’t want them to slip or slide easily!

…On Your Car

Using GT85 multi-purpose spray on creaky, squeaky doors or hood is an obvious use, as is using a small spritz to loosen stubborn locks. But not the only one! If a deluge of water (or just moisture from good ol’ British “sunshine”) have put your electronics on the fritz, reach for GT85! Because it dissipates water, a quick spray on the electrical component in question may save you a trip to the dealership.

…Around Your House

Whether you’ve got a ‘honey-do’ list as long as your arm or your busy weekend is entirely your creation, GT85 multi-purpose spray is your crucial tool. It can be used on door and gate hinges that squawk at you, and fix any sticky lock issues. If you’re a big DIYer, we have a complete  with GT85 to make sure you’re never let down when there’s a garden shed to build or dresser to refinish!


More on GT85 Multi-purpose Spray

GT85 is the multi-purpose maintenance spray, for engines, cars, motorbikes and more. You can find it at your local   or buy it online from our Amazon Shop.

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