Rust can be the bane of a rider’s life. But not with our trusty rust remover spray.

After a hard ride in wet conditions – and our recent weather has certainly been that – sometimes the last thing you want to do when you get home is put on your cleaning hat.

But if you don’t sort the excess water out – in other words, give your bike a good clean down and protect its parts – then there’s a good chance you’ll be faced with rust the next time you go to your trusty steed.

Rust. This pesky orange gritty stuff isn’t just staining. It’s also corroding. Meaning you may need to replace components on your bike if it’s left unchecked.

Luckily, there’s a solution that shines through. A protective spray that needs little introduction…


GT85 – the rust remover spray for bikes

One of the best things about using GT85 lube spray to combat rust is that it works both before and after you cycle.

Spray it freely before, on all areas except your brake pads and rims, and any rain (or puddle splash) you encounter simply won’t get chance to dry on your bike. That’s because GT85 bike lube repels water on contact.

You can also spray it liberally afterwards. Anything you’ve picked up along your ride – water, dirt, maybe even the odd small hitchhiker – will simply be banished and long forgotten.


The multi-purpose spray

GT85 is a cleaning spray – give it a blast over your frame or drivetrain and it will loosen grease and grime just as well as any other dedicated cleaner. You can then give your bike a much quicker soapy washdown if you really want to go to town.

GT85 also protects and shines. Once your bike is clean, use a different cloth (preferably microfibre) and buff up your frame using this multipurpose spray. It’ll not only gleam with ultra-shininess, but also help keep dirt off your bike, maintaining its cleanliness for longer.

And GT85 penetrates and lubricates. Pedals, bolts, anything that’s become stuck. Just a quick coating of this protective bike spray and it’s more likely to come free. Less effort, more riding.

So, GT85 may not be able to renew your bike completely, but it does a pretty good job with everything else – especially sending rust on its travels.


GT85 spray removes rust – all over

It’s not just your bike’s gears, cables and levers that you can trust to de-rust.

GT85 is a non-greasy and non-oily lubricant that loves to fight rust in all kinds of situations. In other words, you can use it in loads of different ways at home or at work.

Old car parts, even older garage or garden tools. Whatever is going orange with rust. Give it a quick spray and it’ll clean right up.

You’ll get truly amazing results – with no real elbow grease needed.


More on GT85

Help protect your bike from rain, and keep it clean it after. GT85 is the lube with an axe to grind with rust. This time it’s personal.

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