Most people know that when you own a bike, it takes a little caring for. As cyclists we know that our bikes need regular cleaning. Especially when it rains. Many of us – both novices and experienced riders alike – are fair-weather cyclists. And that’s fair enough. Taking the bike out for a ride in the sun takes some beating.

However, you can never account for the British weather. Getting caught in a shower is pretty much inevitable. Rainfall is only ever a wind’s breath away…


A good old fashioned downpour

Also, and we’re not revealing anything new here, a good ride in wet conditions can actually be exhilarating. The rain’s bouncing down. Mud’s splattering all over the place. Every layer of clothing is wringing wet, right down to your undies.

The downside is your bike comes back covered in gunk – which if left uncleaned, can affect its overall performance. But fear not. However wet your bike gets, GT85 multi-purpose spray offers great protection for your ride.


Before rain, protect your bike with PTFE

Weather forecasts are more accurate than ever. So, before you next venture out on your bike, check what’s going to fall from the sky. If rain is likely, it’s time to reach for your trusted can of GT85.

Designed with a unique formula containing PTFE, GT85 lubricates all areas of your bike. Derailleurs, cassettes, chains, cables, brake callipers, levers – even your frame for good measure. A quick blast of this multi-purpose spray will actively help to keep the rainwater away. Leaving all the components running silky smooth.

Non-greasy and non-oily, GT85 multi-purpose spray has got your back. It’s the protective spray for bikes.


Cleaning your bike after rain

As well as being the protective spray of choice, GT85 also cleans up when you’re back home after cycling. Before you hit the shower, spray GT85 liberally over your bike (taking care to avoid getting it on any braking surfaces).

The powerful formula will drive out water, oil and any other substances you’ve picked up off the road. GT85 actively rids your bike of this dirt and residue, making sure that it doesn’t dry and cause any future mechanical issues.

As well as displacing water and muck, GT85 penetrates and frees any bike parts that are starting to stick, and also helps to prevent squeaking.

Just a quick wipe down (we recommend micro fibre cloths to prevent scratching) to get rid of any excess. And you’re left with a bike that’s clean, lubricated, protected, but best of all leaving it shiny and even smelling fresher than ever.


More on GT85

So, to protect your bike from rain, and also to clean it afterwards, use GT85. If your bike could talk, it would be truly thankful.

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