Gear up with bike spray… winter is coming.

The cold season is upon us. It’s inevitable. Much like finding rust and dirt next spring if you don’t look after your bike properly.

So before you put your ride into hibernation, we’re going to look at how you can make sure it stays in perfect condition, despite inactivity.

There are two sides to this: giving your bike a good clean down to protect all the parts. And storing it safely and properly.

It probably comes as no surprise that you’ll need a can of trusty GT85 for the cleaning. So here’s how you start…


GT85 – for a pre-winter clean

Giving your bike a good pre-winter clean doesn’t have to be a big job. In fact, it can be done in as little as five to ten minutes.

First, use soapy water and a brush to loosen up the top layer of any mud or dirt, all over your bike. Then hose down, and dry using a clean rag. You’ll need a couple of these – we’ve found cutting up an old towel is best.

Now for the GT85. Spraying it directly on to the clean rag provides far greater control. You won’t have to worry about wind dispersing it, plus you can avoid getting the lubricant on to your brake discs, pads or callipers.

Wiping your bike down with GT85 does a great job of getting rid of any stubborn dirt. You can use it on your chain-set, flossing between each sprocket on the cassette, on both derailleurs including the back sides, and on your pedals to stop the cleats from creaking. In short, on just about any small moving parts.

Finally, with a separate clean rag – if you’ve used it anywhere else on the bike then it’s probably contaminated – use GT85 to wipe down your brake disc rotors. It works just as well as any specialist disc brake cleaner.


How to store your bike over winter

So, you’ve used GT85 bike spray to clean and protect. Now on to storing your bike properly over winter.

The best place for this is a cool dry place. For many folk, the floor is the cheapest and most suitable option. Axle and wheel racks can also be picked up easily, which will keep the bikes upright.

But if you’ve a solid wall or ceiling that can support weight and fixtures, then you’re really laughing. Both vertical and horizontal wall-mounted bike racks get your bike off the floor, and out the way.

Hooks are readily available from DIY retailer, and thread into masonry wall plugs, directly into a wooden wall post or ceiling beam. Job done.


More on GT85 bike spray

GT85 is the multi-purpose spray that cleans and protects your bike over winter. After that, just store and wait till spring. You can get it out shiny and fresh.

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