If you’re looking to clean your car’s engine bay and want it to look in top shape, there’s one thing you’re bound to encounter in your restoration – and that’s rust. Rust on a project car is like the British weather being wet. In other words, it’s inevitable. That’s why GT85 multi-purpose spray was delighted once again to help our friend, YouTube car maestro Jamie FYD, as he continues to restore his old Peugeot 106 GTI back to its former glory.

Jamie’s been working on the 106 for a while now (you can check out the last time GT85 helped him at the bottom of the page). But in this brand new video, you’ll see that the car’s in the middle of some serious structural work, and needs to get in shape so it can be taken off to be painted.

So as Jamie did, if you decide to leave your car for a while before painting it, it’s a good idea to apply GT85 spray on the exposed metals to get prevent rust from appearing. Then wipe it down and bring your car to the workshop to degrease the surfaces before painting. It’s easier to degrease a car than to treat its rust.

So where does GT85 come into it? Just about everywhere. Let us explain…


The spray that loves rust

As Jamie says himself, GT85 is the perfect spray lubricant for your project car. Mainly because it contains PTFE lubricant.

Now regular readers of this blog will know all about PTFE. It’s a key element of our special formula and coats any metal parts on a car. Most plastics too.

But to those who are new, GT85 is like the arch-nemesis to rust. First of all it removes rust from any surface areas with ease – places like your engine bay, on the body work, or the underside of the car. Then, just to really finish the job, GT85 keeps your car looking better for longer – by preventing those same parts getting rusty when exposed to the elements.


So much more than just cleaning 

But it’s not just removing and preventing rust. Watch the video and you’ll see how GT85 multi-purpose spray helps Jamie clean his car engine bay and wheel wells – unscrewing tight and rusted-up bolts, cleaning the 106’s wiring loom, removing any grease and dirty contaminants, plus cleaning down the plastics in the engine bay.

Jamie also uses GT85 to get rid of squeaky hinges. And anyone who’s got stuck into a project car before will know there are always plenty of those!

Look at Jamie FYD performance

So however far you’re into your car restoration, GT85’s lubricating PTFE formula is perfect for your project. It will sort out rust, clean up your car’s surfaces to look their best, and protect any surfaces from future rust, water and dirt.

You can watch the last time we partnered with Jamie by clicking here.

Plus don’t forget to check out Jamie’s next video. So keep an eye out his 106 project and how GT85 helps him along the way.

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Clean your car’s engine bay with GT85

GT85 is perfect for cleaning your car’s engine bay. Metals, plastics, bolts and surfaces. It’s the PTFE lubricant that petrol-heads and mechanics love because it cleans and protects vehicles like no other. Find more information, tricks, and uses of GT85 here.

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