Your motorcycle isn’t just a mode of transportation—it’s part of your lifestyle. So, you know that caring for your bike is a labour of love. But do you know how to maintain your motorcycle with a lube spray? GT85 is a PTFE spray for motorcycles that helps clean and protect both in between rides and before you put your bike away.

Now, not all motorcycle maintenance tasks should be done by yourself, but there are a fair few you can! Here are some of the ways you can use PTFE spray for motorcycle maintenance.


1.     Check your chain

If you have a new bike (or have been able to make the change) you probably have an O-ring chain. They require less cleaning than the old-style unsealed chains, but you still need to clean it when it gets particularly dirty or as per the mileage indicated in your owner’s manual recommends. When you do, elevate the rear wheel of your bike and put the transmission in neutral, allowing for easy chain movement. Use a gentle bristle brush to get grit and grime off the chain. To lubricate the chain, rotate the back wheel as you apply GT85. You’ll want to make sure you’re evenly coating the chain. The straw included with your bottle makes it easier to penetrate past the O-rings. into the joint. Then just let the chain sit for five minutes and then wipe off the excess lube with a kitchen roll.


2.   Clean & protect the chrome

The chrome on your bike helps it shine in the sun and stand out when you’re out on the road.  Here is just another tip on how to use GT85 to maintain your motorcycle. Using GT85 and a microfibre cloth, rub in small, even circles to maintain the shine on your chrome. That’s sure to make sure your motorcycle stays eye-catching!


3.   Make sure things are moving well & looking good

GT85 is a very useful little spray. Not only can it drive moisture out of moving parts of your motorcycle to keep them moving easily, but it will also help protect against rust. However, that’s not all. While you may think using PTFE spray for motorcycles just means keeping the chain moving, you can also use it to clean out the grease and dirt that likes to gum up all parts of your bike. Not only does this extra care and attention keep your biking moving well, but GT85 also helps it look great too!

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