During the cold and wet season, most of us get a bit creaky and run down. And believe it or not, our cars are no different.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use GT85 lubricant spray as part of a regular winter routine.

Whether that’s weekly or monthly, this silicone lubricant spray can be used both under the bonnet, on your engine, and also inside your car.

Read on to find out how, when it comes to vehicles, GT85 lubes, cleans, protects, drives out dirt and prevents rust.

The lubricant spray for engines

There’s a bit of misconception that you can’t clean your car engine easily.

The truth is, unless your car is vintage (and we’re talking pre-1990 here), or is fortunate enough to have a supercharger or turbocharger, the likelihood is it will be fine. That’s because most modern cars have water-sealed wiring to keep them safe.

So, whilst we wouldn’t necessarily recommend blasting your engine components with a pressure washer, you can really give your car the cleaning and protection it deserves by using GT85.

This water displacing spray is perfect for your engine. It not only cleans away oil as well as any other dirt, but also drives out moisture from electrical systems, like spark plugs.

The other big thing is GT85 helps prevent rust. It has a PTFE formula which provides a protective layer to any parts exposed to bad weather, so that damp won’t affect them.

Just remember that to truly protect, you’ll need to spray regularly, as damp and other external acids from rain may corrode through the PTFE coat over time.


The all-round spray for all round your car

It’s not just your engine. Consider GT85 as your go-to product for lubricating and cleaning inside the car too.

From stubborn locks to ignitions on older vehicles, this spray acts as a freeing agent, easing up parts and reducing friction.

And back outside, this silicone lubricant vehicle spray will make your paint work shine. It won’t last for ever, but for a few days you can enjoy your car’s shine.

For all kinds of vehicle applications, it’s no wonder that so many garages and car showrooms swear by it.


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GT85 is the silicone lubricant spray, the water displacing spray, the PTFE spray. Use it on your car and your car engines.

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